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About Us

European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V.

-a registered Filipino-German Organization  

The European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) – Germany e.V. was officially registered on December 22, 2016 with members from the Filipino communities of Berlin,  Bremen, Hamburg,  North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria. It was registered by the local court in the city of Bochum, which is located in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany’s most populous state. Most Filipinos in Germany live in NRW. 

The organization has the following board members(2019-2021): Evelyn Müschen (Chairperson / Country Representative), Mary  Grace Schardin  (Deputy Chairperson) Marivic Soßnowski (Secretary), Cuizon and Maristela are former presidents of ALA EH e.V., (Association Lending Assistance in Exigencies at Home), a charity  organization based in Essen that has been cited  (LINKAPIL, 2006) for its projects in the Philippines. Both are recipients of the Philippine government’s Banaag Award, which is given to Filipino individuals or associations for their significant contributions to particular sectors  or for having advanced the cause of overseas Filipino communities.  Members also include graduate students, health care practitioners and media workers.

Founding Members

Most members  of ENFiD-Germany are active leaders of Filipino migrants‘  organizations and Catholic communities in their respective regions

ENFiD-Germany is part of the European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) that started after the Diaspora2Dialogue conference in Rome in 2012,  a non-partisan, non-profit, non-sectarian civil society organization of Overseas Filipinos. It seeks to promote a sense of Filipino “nationhood” away from home; inculcate a strong sense of shared destiny and aspirations among its members and be a catalyst for addressing social, cultural, educational, economic and integration concerns among Filipinos in Europe.   


ENFiD is registered in Malta (Reg. VO/0885) and the European Union Transparency Registry. Its members are organized through national  country member organizations headed by their respective country representatives. It  also has members in Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom,  the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Ireland and in Israel.

The organization has its postal address at Lorenz-Görtz-Straße 75, 41238 Mönchengladbach.

Formation in Essen

ENFID – GERMANY Board formation

Representatives of different Filipino migrants´ organizations from the state of North Rhine Westphalia created a new ENFiD board  in a  meeting that was organized by Ala-Eh/ENFiD leaders Virgilio Cuizon and Oggie Maristella together with the Philippine Consulate in Essen last August 2015.

The following  persons were nominated to become a part of the new body that is tasked to give shape and structure to the organizational formation of ENFiD – Germany: Tessie Wilms,  Mary Lou H.  Werning,  Agnes Urban (absent), Mary Grace Schardin and Emmalyn L. Kotte. 


Nomination was accepted by Wilms, Werning, Schardin, and Liwag Kotte. It was agreed that the nominated persons may invite honorary board members to join the group. Urban accepted nomination upon her arrival from the Philippines.

In hosting projects, ENFiD-Germany shall take note of the following:

Hosting organization is the sole project coordinator especially for finances.

Transparency in the conduct of projects should always be assured; goals and expenses should clearly be discussed with coordinators, facilitators, and all persons involved in the project; milestones and project duration have to be clearly defined

ENFiD-Germany is subject to work in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of ENFiD and its Mission and Values Statement.

It was agreed that ENFiD-Germany should  take up issues concerning overseas Filipinos in Germany. It will also motivate other Philippine migrants' organizatons in the country to join ENFiD-Germany. 

The group identified its first project : the film screening of “Heneral Luna” in Germany. 

The group invited Oggie Maristela, then country representative of ENFiD, and Milagros Wandelt, to become honorary board members.

The new board held its first meeting at the Domforum in Cologne on September 25, 2015.  

Present:  Wilms, Urban, Schardin, Kotte, Maristela. It was agreed that Emmalyn Liwag Kotte will become its chairperson/ country representative and Mary Agnes Urban its deputy chairperson.

Both will serve for a term of 2 years. It was agreed that only one representative can join the ENFiD election. In the absence of the chairperson, the deputy will represent ENFiD-Germany in the meetings. Other board members and participants can join the General Assembly but they will not be allowed to vote. Whoever will attend the GA will have to pay for his/her registration fees and other expenses unless there are enough funds collected from projects initiated by ENFiD-Germany.

ENFiD- Germany Board Members (2019-2021)

Chairperson / Country Representative: Evelyn Müschen
Deputy Chairperson: Mary Grace Schardin

Secretary: Marivic Mundo Abalos-Soßnowski 
Deputy Secretary: Ruby Anna Tupaz Bengtsson 

Treasurer: Thelma Herbst
Deputy Treasurer: Dorcas Reyes Poloczek 

Public Relations Officer: Tessie Wilms
Deputy Public Relations Officer: Grace Sheela Pickert 

Auditor: Maite Hontiveros Dittke 


Honorary Members:
Milagros Wandelt,  Virgilio Cuizon & Rodrigo Maristela


Spiritual Adviser:

Father Rodel Liguid

ENFiD- Germany Board Members (2016-2018)

Chairperson / Country Representative: Emmalyn Liwag-Kotte
Deputy Chairperson: Tessie Wilms

Deputy Secretary: Ruby Anna Tupaz Bengtsson 

Treasurer: Dorcas Reyes Poloczek
Deputy Treasurer:  Evelyn Alcarmen-Mueschen

Public Relations Officer: Mary Grace Schardin
Deputy Public Relations Officer: Grace Sheela Pickert 

Auditor: Maite Hontiveros Dittke 


Honorary Members:
Milagros Wandelt,  Virgilio Cuizon & Rodrigo Maristela

ENFiD- Germany Organizational Chart


The European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD) is an active international networking association that seeks to cultivate a sense of shared nationhood and cooperation among Overseas Filipinos in Europe. ENFiD is presently represented by correspondent Filcom Affiliates in twenty countries and is active in organising cultural events, relief operations, focused training workshops, fora for the discussion of issues pertinent to Euro-Filipinos and partnering with institutions for greater access to migration issues on culture and development.

Our vision is

a. A Filipino Diaspora community in Europe with a continued and sustained commitment and link to the Philippines, and at the same time fully integrated with the host country. (COMMITMENT AND FULL INTEGRATION)

b. A vibrant and empowered Filipino Diaspora operating ‘glocally’ (globally and locally), whose talent, contribution and potential are recognized and rewarded both in Europe and in the Philippines, cognizant of the future generation of Filipino descent. (PEOPLE)

c. A Filipino Diaspora in touch with its cultural origins and its best traditional values, and how it enriches the diversity of life of the host country. (IDENTITY)

We are committed to these core values:

1. Kilusan at Ugnayan – movement, association, organization, network

1.1. transform the Filipino Diaspora in Europe into “glocal” Filipinos through the educational and community development activities of ENFiD;

1.2. interlink with the various Filipino organizations existing in the host countries to formally form part of the ENFiD, either directly or through the country ENFiDs;

1.3. provide services, assistance and expertise, seek grants or assistance, cooperation and partnership with the national, international, governmental, non-governmental agencies, and foundations to carry out the mission and realize the vision of ENFiD

2. Bayanihan at Buklod-talakayan – forum, discussion, dialogue; intensified sharing, solidarity, heightened sense of Filipino volunteerism

2.1. provide an effective forum for regional and global interaction between and among Filipino individuals and organizations within the European Community, with the Philippines and with the rest of the world;

2.2. inspire and initiate dialogues, discussions and advocacies on relevant and important topics; and where possible to be part of the solution 

3. Gawi at Kaalaman – character transformation and education

3.1. enable and when necessary, intervene for the Filipino Diaspora in Europe to fully integrate in the host countries’ political, cultural, social, and economic systems.

3.2. work towards the establishment of advice, support groups and counselling centres for the Filipino Diaspora in their host country in tandem with local governments, non-governmental bodies and the home-country government;
3.3. attend conferences and/or become active participants in the international dialogue regarding various topics such as ethical, cultural, political and technological issues, and in alleviating global poverty.   (ENFiD)

Annual General Meeting and Election of Officer for year 2022-2023


True to our 2019 Team Building motto; "If you can laugh together, you can work together" the European Network of Filipino in Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany, after the lockdowns and restrictions, modestly gathered for the Annual Meeting in Düsseldorf Art Gallery. The election of a new set of officers took place after it was postponed last year due to the pandemic. Our chairperson

Evelyn Alcarmen Mueschen accepted the nomination to continue her 2nd term and was unanimously elected. We also glad to announce that active youths were elected unanimously, as Vice Chairman Jeffrey Morales, Secretary Wendell Adrian Schardin, and Deputy Secretary Markamie De Guzman Kaye Amie Kaye. Incumbent Secretary Marivic Abalos-Sossnowski Mavs Mundo Abalos-Sossnowski accepted her new role as the Treasurer and Josephine Vinluan Jo Lohlein as Deputy Treasurer. Last but not least Vice Chairman, Mary Grace Lugo Schardin and Marvel Markgraf Lequido Marvel Doerste were delighted to work together as PR Officers for 2022-2023.

Committed to facilitating previous projects and engagements of the organization, the members agreed to focus on Education and Development especially supporting projects that empower the education of the less fortunate children in the Philippines. These include information drives for our "Kababayans" for their integration and re-integration concerns in Germany.

With this, we are grateful to our benefactors, sponsors, and volunteers. They had been the source of our motivation to continue to serve the community. We hope to work with you again, continue to empower, connect and engage!

Thank you, vielen Dank, Maraming Salamat!

ENFiD-Germany Family

We Heal As One


As we are all challenged with the COVID-19 pandemic, ENFiD-Germany supports the worldwide campaign for social distancing, hygiene and wearing of masks. To ensure our participation, we  cancelled all our events and engagements for this year. Nevertheless we are thankful for those kindhearted volunteers who had helped and donated for rice and foodpacks for small communities in General Santos and Zamboanga cities.


  • Zamboanga Alliance Evangelical Fellowship located in San Jose Gusu, Zamboanga City, "Rekindling the Spirit of Giving and Sharing"

  • Lunchpacks: A token for our frontliners and supporting livelihood of local small business starters due to "No work, No Pay" while in ECQ. (General Santos City)

  • Rice Distribution for 392 households 5Kgs  (24 sacks) in Purok Litan, Barangay Sinawal, General Santos City.