European Network of Filipino Diaspora (ENFiD)-Germany e.V.


Strengthening Euro-Pinoys as agents of socio-economic and cultural change in Europe and the Philippines and empowerment of the Euro-Pinoy youth as development leaders within the mainstream Filipino communities in home and host countries.

 Registration Fee:
 |Youth: €255 | Regular: €295 

Conference Registration + Materials
3 Nights’ Accommodation (Check in: 29 Sep 5pm /Check out: 2 Oct 2pm) 
Full Board (from 29 Sep Dinner to 02 Oct Lunch) 
Gala Night Entrance Fee, Buffet + Transfers 

Conference Registration Fee:
|Youth: €75 | Regular:€90/per day
with overnight accommodation.

Conference Registration + Materials
Full Board (3 Meals + coffee/ tea/ snacks) +Overnight Accommodation

Day Participants: €75/day only (Overnight not included)
This is designed for those who would prefer to attend the conference on a day basis only.

Conference Registration + Materials
Full Board (3 Meals + coffee/ tea/ snacks)

Travel Information
Your travel guide from Cologne & Düsseldorf Airports to St. Altfried


1) Migration and Development
2) Migration and Social Issues (e.g. Human Rights, Environment degradation, etc)
3) Euro-Pinoy Youth


Note for ENFiD Officers only:Participation to 29 September is upon-invitation only.
Programs will be duly sent to invitees.

29 September 2017 Joint Closed-door Meeting of ENFiD- Europe Board of Directors with Country Representatives or National Board Representatives
Hosted and sponsored by the Philippine Honorary Consulate of Essen
Venue: BIB Forum of the BANK IM BISTUM ESSEN e.V. in Essen.

30 September 2017 Joint Plenary Sessions for ALL participants begin at 8AM, followed by Parallel Sessions:Euro-Pinoy Youth Forum and ENFiD Conference in the afternoon.

01 October 2017 Joint Plenary sessions resume at 8AM, followed by ENFiD General Assembly.

02 October 2017
Farewell to departing Board Members and Welcome to New Board Members followed by First Meeting of New Board Members


Day 1 Saturday, 30 September
7.00 - 8.00    Breakfast
8.15 - 8.30     Assembly at Plenary Hall
8.40 - 8.45    Invocation
8.45 - 9.00    Welcome     Ms. Elizabeth von Atzigen,
                      ENFiD Chairperson
9.00 -9.30    Her Excellency Ambassador Melita Sta. Maria- 
                     Thomeczek, Philippine Embassy-Berlin
                     Ms. Emmalyn Liwag- Kotte, Country Representative
                     ENFiD- Germany
9.30 -9.45    Ms. Rohlee de Guzman, ENFiD Executive Director Setting the tone of the Conference,
9.45 -10.00  Assistant Secretary Grace Princesa, Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines
                    On the strength of OFs and OFWs in sustaining the Philippine economy and influencing the socio-cultural-  political
                    landscape of the Philippines

10.00 -10:30     Group Photo
                        COFFEE/TEA BREAK

10.30 - 10.50     Prof. Hein de Haas, University of Amsterdam on migrants within the international arena (with current political 
                         developments) to narrow down on Euro-Pinoy roles as agents of change and the roles of young people with mixed
                         ethnicity (Migration and Development)
10.50 -11.10     Atty. Cecilia Jimenez-Damary, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights
                       on current human rights situation in the world and how it can affect the lives of Europe-based Filipinos. With             
                       special attention to women, the ethnic minorities and marginalized people and the situation of displaced people in
                       Marawi. (including 5 minutes Q&A)
11.10 -11.30      Ms. Estrella ‘Mai’ Añonuevo, Executive Director, Atikha, Convenor of  PinoyWISE and Board of Trustees of OWWA on
                       the link between Migration andDevelopment
11.30 -11.50     HE Ambassador Nathaniel Imperial, Philippine Embassy-Tel-Aviv
                      About the sanctuary given by the Philippines to European Jewish refugees escaping the holocaust in World War II as 
                      a reference point in discussing how some of the Euro-Pinoys give support to the refugees/migrants coming to
                      Europe from Syria and north African countries. The Euro-Pinoy support to refugees is an illustration  of their
                       integration in Europe and in responding to the refugee ’crisis’.
11.50 -12.10    Stephano Signore, Head of Unit Migration, Employment Inequalities, EC DEVCO on EC  DEVCO’s support to Migration
                      and Development initiatives
12.10 -12.20     Question & Answer

12.20 -13.30     LUNCH BREAK    

                         split into Youth Forum and ENFiD Conference sessions


13.30 - 14.00     Ms. Regina Galias, Officer-in-charge of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, CFO, Manila, Philippines to talk about 
                         the CFO’s program on Overseas Filipino youths to bring them closer to their land of heritage and where the   
                         possible link with Y-ENFiD lies and forward-looking ideas
14.00 -14.30     Ms. Melanie Cuizon- Baturi, to contextualize the experiences of different generations of Euro-Pinoys

14.30 - 15.00     COFFEE/TEA BREAK

15.00 - 17.00     Workshops
                           Why is it important for Euro-Pinoy youths to get organized? (goal-setting)
                           What are the burning questions/ issues of Euro-Pinoy youths? (defining the framework)
                           What can be done to answer these issues? (action-planning)
17.00- 17.45     Joint plenary reporting of the workshops from the first day: Youth Forum and Conference workshops

13.30 - 13.50     Ms. Leila Rispens-Noel, Director and co-founder of WIMLER Hongkong and WIMLER Philippines on supporting
                        development projects in the Philippines, social entrepreneurship and investment opportunities for Euro- Pinoys and
                        reaching retirement age in Europe.
13.50 -14.10     Dr. Juan E. Dayang Jr., Chargé d’affaires, a.i., Embassy of the Philippines in Prague,  Czech Republic Multilateral and
                       Bilateral agreements (focused on Philippines and Europe)
14.10 -14.20     Ms. Marison Rodriguez, Vice Chair and IT Director, ENFiD Empowering migrants at local level and access to service
                       for migrants; Migration Cycle and Return Preparedness
14.20 -14.30    Ms. Mary Grace Schardin, Program Officer, PR & Communication Team, ENFiD  Protecting Migrant Workers in
                       Vulnerable Situation and Fighting Xenophobia against migrants; Anti-discriminaton policy, equality of treatment and
                       social integration

14.30 -15.00     COFFEE/TEA BREAK

15.00 - 17.00     Workshops

1) Development projects, Investment opportunities, Social Entrepreneurship    
Euro-Pinoys are avid supporters of development projects in their hometowns. The moment we set foot in Europe, our lives are marked with providing help to various development projects-building schools, scholarships, women projects, etc. In the last years, support through social entrepreneurships also became more known although investments in businesses set up by Filipino migrants is also becoming popular. How can we ensure real empowerment through development projects and social entrepreneurships? What are the possible traditional business investments open for us as Euro-Pinoys? These and more will be the highlights of the input of our invited speakers.
Leila Rispens- Noel of WIMLER HK and Philippines | Facilitator: Tina Liamzon

2) Euro-Pinoy Senior Citizens
We came, we worked, we raised our children, we welcome our grandchildren…Decades after our migration to Europe, we find ourselves in the threshold of retirement. We are the Euro-Pinoy Senior  Citizens. How do we relate ourselves with the migration and development here in Europe and in the Philippines?
Speaker Diana Oosterbeek-Latoza, Stg. Bayanihan NL
Facilitator: Tessie Bertumen Wilms, ENFiD-Germany

3) Sustainable development should be a concern of all- whether we live in Europe or in the Philippines. ENFiD embarks in environment projects such as biogas digester and waste segregation.  What are these and how can you be a part of these initiatives?
Presentation of Environment Projects of ENFiD Ruby Anna Bengtsson and Tess Badana-Ramakers, ENFiD Environment Team | Facilitator, Dennis Mana-ay, ENFiD Board Member/ ENFiD France.

4) Migration and Social Issues are interlinked. Migrants all over the world while integrating to the society of the host country,avidly follows the social issues in their origin country. This is also true for Euro-Pinoys. In the face of economic, political and social integration in their host countries, the Euro-Pinoys zealously express their sentiments regarding the social issues in the Philippines such as respect human for human rights, gender equality and the likes.
Speaker, Kay Abaño, filmmaker, Germany | Facilitator, Rosalud dela Rosa, ENFiD Board Member/ENFiD Italy and Owner/ Manager of Mayumi Spa in Rome

5) Integration of Euro-Pinoys in Europe is an inherent topic within the Filipino community, who is sometimes referred to as the ‘invisible’ community, which connotes that the Filipinos are well-integrated in the European society. They speak the language, they participate in economic activities, they have European circle of friends, they are not a ‘loud problematic’ ethnic group.  How true (or untrue) are these connotations?
Speaker: Theresa Alders, Second Secretary and Consul Phil Embassy, The Hague, NL
Facilitator: Edwin dela Cruz, ENFiD UK and Head of Faculty of Nursing, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital    NHS Foundation Trust.

END of Day 1 Conference

17.45 - 18.00     Assembly at St. Altfrid Carpark. Pre- arranged buses will bring participants to the Gala venue and back to
                         St. Altfrid.



30 September 2017, starts at  18:00
Hotel Gladbeck Van der Valk | Bohmerstr. 333 | 45964 Gladbeck



Day 2 Sunday, 1 October 2017  

7.30 - 8.30     Breakfast
8:45 - 9.45     Catholic Mass (Optional for those interested)  Venue: Church inside St. Altfrid compound

Conference Session:
10.00 -10.45     Recap of Day 1/Presentation of Conference Statement
10.45 -11.45     Launch of YENFiD, Launch of ENFiD Sports Program and ENFiD- Atikha Partnership and PhilWise
12.00     Closing of the Conference

12.00 - 13.30     LUNCH BREAK


14.00- 18.00    Opening/ Introduction by Gene Alcantara, former ENFiD Chairperson
    Welcome and Presentation of Annual Report 2016 by Elizabeth von Atzigen, ENFiD Chairperson
    Presentation of the Board of Directors of ENFiD and Country Representatives by Elizabeth von Atzigen,  ENFiD Chairperson
    Presentation of  Committee Heads/ Members (PR/Communication, IT/Website, Environment, Youth,  Arts and Culture, Training
    and Education)  by Diana Halmans, ENFiD Board Secretary and Leonor Vintervoll, ENFiD Board Member
    Country Presentations/ Reports facilitated by ENFiD Country Representatives Christian Estrada (UK) and Tess Ramakers (NL)
    Discussion, finalization and endorsement of the 2 YAP 2018-2019 from the Joint Meeting of the Board and Country 
    Representatives held on 29 September 2017 by Rohlee de Guzman, ENFiD Executive Director, facilitated by Rosalud dela Rosa
    Oath-taking of New Board Members and Signing of Pledge facilitated by Oggie Maristela, Board Member Signing on
    Committees/ Programs by Assembly Participants
    Announcement of  the 2018 AGA date and venue



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