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Hochgebildet, ohne Job – Wie gestaltet man Entwicklungszusammenarbeit?
Am 13.06.2019 fand im Forum Volkshochschule im Museum am Neumarkt der Fachtag der Entwicklung statt. Ziel unserer Veranstaltung war es, die Tätigkeiten und Erfolge, wie auch Potentiale und Perspektiven von migrantischen Akteur*innen in der Integrationsarbeit und Entwicklungszusammenarbeit für Politik, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Kirche besser sichtbar zu machen.. mehr

Der Fachtag der Entwicklung 2019

Der Fachtag der Entwicklung 2019

Santa Cruzan in Oberhausen 
June 02, 2019 

ENFiD-Germany joined to celebrate the yearly Santa Cruzan in Oberhausen which was spearheaded by Baranggay sa Alemanya. 

Santa Cruzan

Santa Cruzan 2019 Oberhausen

1st European Summit of Refugees & Migrants 4-6 May 2019
A weekend with good vibes, pledges and solutions for the challenges of refugees and migrants in Europe ! 70 Refugee and Migrant led organizations held its First European Summit on May 4-6 in Brussels, Belgium. More than 300 had applied to join the summit and ENFiD-Germany is one of the 70 Organisations who had the privilege to take part in this first summit.
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1st European Summit of Refugees & Migrants

1st European Summit of Refugees & Migrants

ENFiD-Germany  is deeply grateful for the interest and support of ENFiD-Czech Republic with the special assistance of Ms Michelle Marquez! The place was truly conducive for  retreat and recollection with our Filipino chaplain Rev. Fr. Rodel Liguid SVD and the Filipino Catholic Community of Mönchengladbach under the leadership of Ms. Evelyn Alcarmen Müschen who is at present  ENFiD-Germany chairperson. Other ENFiD-Germany officers, Ms Mary Grace Lugo Schardin (Deputy), and Ms Marivic Soßnowski (1st Secretary), also joined the group. 

Filipino Catholic Community Mönchengladbach Recollection, 26-28 April, 2019, Prague Czech Republic


Special thanks also to Fr. Immanuel Magnus and Mr. Melvin Santiago of the Filipino Catholic Community (FCC) Prague in the Church of St. Thomas (Kostel sv. Tomáše) for the memorable Recollection. ENFiD-Czech among country members was truly  a cooperative networking in action. Hoping to see more concerted efforts  in the days to come. 

Teilnahme öffentliche Weiterbildungsangebote

  • Förderung des entwicklungspolitischen Engagements von Migrantenorganisationen, Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM), Frankfurt
  • Training  zum Thema „Migration im Kontext der Entwicklungszusammenarbeit“, VENRO-Workshop Bonn
  • VENRO-Konferenz „Das GFMD 2017 – zentrale Herausforderungen und Erwartungen“ Zur Vorbereitung des "Global Forum on Migration and Development" (GFMD) Akteure der deutschen Zivilgesellschaft - Migrantenverbände, Gewerkschaften, Kirchen, Entwicklungsorganisationen und Wissenschaftler - in der Berliner Repräsentanz der Robert Bosch Stiftung mit Vertretern der Bundesregierung, trafen sich um ihre Forderungen und Erwartungen an den Gipfel zu diskutieren.
  • September 2017: Engagement unterstützen – Fördermöglichkeiten und Grundlagen der Antragstellung in der entwicklungspolitischen Arbeit - ein Seminar für migrantische Organisationen, Bonn.

2 ITCLO Fellowship Training slots Awarded to ENFiD-Czech Republic and ENFiD-Germany Participants

On 03.07-14.07, 2017 ENFiD-Germany together with ENFiD Czech were able  to attend a Training activity at the  International Training Centre of the ILO,  Academy on Labour Migration in Turin, ltaly which is Co-financed by the ltalian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation with the coordination of ENFiD Executive Director Ms. Rohlee de Guzman.

The LMA's content drew upon the ILO Agenda on Fair Migration and other key outcomes, such as theConclusions of the International Labour Conference general discussion on labour migration held in June 2017, the Conclusions of the Tripartite Technical Meeting on Labour Migration held in November 2013, the ILO Multilateral Framework on Labour Migration 2006, and the 2004 International Labour Conference plan of action for migrant workers. The Guiding Principles on Access of Refugees and other Forcibly Displaced Persans to the Labour Market, adopted by the Tripartite Technical Meeting in July 2016 and the Principles and Operational Guidelines on Fair Recruitment, adopted by the Tripartite Meeting of Experts in September 2016, are also important and relevant recent sources.

The Training deals on three themes: 


Fair and effective governance of labour migration

  • Coordination, coherence and cooperation between government institutions and other agencies dealing with labour migration 
  • Reinforcing social dialogue in the governance of labour migration 
  • Governing labour migration: What challenges and opportunities for Middle East and North African countries
  • Migration and Labour Statistics
  • lnstituting fair recruitment processes
  • Skills and Migration: Assessing labour market needs
  • Negotiating Bilateral Labour Agreement

Protection of migrant workers

  • The role of labour inspection in the protection of migrant workers
  • Protecting migrant workers in vulnerable Situations
  • Fighting Xenophobia against migrants: Anti-discrimination policy, equality of treatment and social integration 
  • Empowering migrants at local Ievel and access to service for migrants 
  • Extending Social Protection to Migrant Workers and their familiesPreventing abusive migration practices (trafficking and forced labour)

Migration and sustainable development

  • South-South migration, regional migration and labour mobility
  •  Linkages between Migration and Development in the Arab Region: Challenges and opportunities 
  • Assessing the economic contribution of labour migration
  • Mainstreaming gender into migration and development policies
  • Fastering the social and professional reintegration of return migrants
  • Migration and youth employment 
  • Mainstreaming Migration into policy development 

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