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Rekindling the Spirit of Giving and Sharing"
Snap report by Pastor Guillermo C. Tejero of Zamboanga Alliance Evangelical Fellowship M.A. Fernandez Drive San Jose Gusu, Zamboanga City 7000.

March 20, 2020 started the imposition of ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) here in Zamboanga City, after a week there were lots of meager income families affected economically and they cried out for help from the national and local government. Due to fear of  mass infections and spread of the virus, the NGO and the LGU directed the temporary closure and halted operations of public  and private jobs and establishments. 
HERE in Zamboanga Peninsula; 
1. The government and private constructions were stopped and the ordinary laborers are without incomes. 
2. Business establishments that are not considered essentials were closed, ordinary workers were without work and salaries.  
3. Most of the public transport stopped their operations, the single motor "angkas"/ "habal-habal", public buses and jeepneys, tricycles, therefore drivers and operators were without incomes. 

With these major economic downturns due to the pandemic. Some good samaritans took actions to augment the supplies of food packs, important household and personal necessities. God touched the hearts and pockets of individuals and group of people to help those poor families that are severely affected by the Enhanced Community Quarantine. I believed there were also foreign aids  given to them that are not channelled to NGO or LGU. Many religious sectors like the Chinese Buddhists, Islams, Christians, and others, showed their real love through material gifts.  

Our Christian Alliance denomination particularly the Zamboanga Alliance Evangelical Fellowship located here in San Jose Gusu, Zamboanga City, where I am the current Pastor, also took part in distributing food packs from the donations of faithful members, relatives and close friends.  
Remarkably, three weeks ago, April 25,2020, before they change to General Enhanced Community Quarantine, I was able to contact my kindhearted cousin, Mrs. Evelyn Alcarmen Mueschen and ask to extend assistance through food packs for the poor families, of which she acted immediately by sending Php 17,700.00, upon receipt, I immediately  bought Rice, Noodles,and sardines. More than 20 families received the food packs and they were happy for the timely supplies of food.  
Personally, I would like to thank my dear cousin and the group which she represented, European Network of Filipino Diaspora in Germany.  Thank you, Danke Schön, more energy and God bless to everyone, you proved your genuine love by putting a smile in the hearts of needy and poor families especially during this difficult times. The best is yet to come. We fight as one, we will heal as one. Glory to God!

General Santos City Outreach Project

Rice distribution in General Santos City, Barangay Sinawal

On April 19, 2020, 392 households received 5Kgs rice (24 sacks) in Purok Litan Ville Phase 2, Brgy Sinawal. Thanks to our donor Mr. Kai Uwe Becken and his Wife Aiza for voluntarily helping our brothers & sisters back home. For this act of kindness, we thank you all who had been more than willing to share your blessings in your own little ways. This is also initiated in cooperation with Brgy. Captain Rodolfo O. Lozano of Sinawal. Thank you also to the volunteers who assisted to distribute the rice. 

More donation to come and share to other communities, with God's blessings!





Livelihood: Supporting Local Start Ups at the same time thanking our Frontliners in LGU General Santos, Local Tourism Department
As we lose ourselves in the service of others we discover our own lives and our own happiness.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The local tourism department of General Santos had been actively supporting Local & Foreign Nationals that are stranded in Region 12 in coordinating sweeper flights both in Gen. Santos and Davao City Airports. It is not only during good times that they serve tourists in our city but also assisting them in these trying times. With this we are thankful to have Louv Laza a small online food catering service who partnered with ENFiD-Germany to prepare and deliver delicious lunch for the nice ladies and gentlemen of the tourism department of Gensan. Frontliners in tourism service are not spared of the COVID-19 challenges - still they serve with patience, compassion, and politeness. Choosing LouvLaza is also one way to support the livelihood of local small business start up-owners. We also hope and encourage each one of us to support small businesses in their local areas as we can help them in small ways sustain their livelihood and "Heal as one".




If you can laugh together, you can work together - Robert Orben

This is one of the revelation of our recently concluded ENFID - Germany Team Building held in Heidelberg and Wilhelmsfeld, Germany.


2019 European Goodwill Concert Tour - A Capella Manila May 25-July 7, 2019

KUNST in Zusammenarbeit mit ALAEH e.V. & ENFiD Germany e.V.  Präsentiert: A Capella Manila Konzert (Philippinischer Chor). Unter der Leitung von Prof. Rodel Bugarin

Mönchengladbach, Essen, and in Voerde 



Thanksgiving and  Pre-Christmas Celebration

November 24, 2018, 06:00 PM in Gereonshaus, Vikarienweg 2
D-41238 Mönchengladbach-Giesenkirchen

30. April 2016, Filmforum NRW Köln 

Heneral Luna Filmvorführung anschließend Podiumsdiskussion 
Teilnehmer: Philippinischen Diaspora Vereinen und Interessenten (ca. 200 Personen) Im Zusammenarbeit mit Philippine Honorary Consulate Essen, Philippinische Botschaft Berlin und National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Sentro Rizal und Artikulo Uno 

Nov 2016, General Santos City, Philippinen

Kunst Workshop für Kinder –Jugendliche und Lehrkräfte /Kooperationspartner , ca. 40 Teilnehmer

ENFiD for Marawi Spenden Aufruf für die Kriegsbetroffenen in MarawiMindanao 

20.09.2017, Pulheim
"Länderabend im Café F, Pulheim, Schwerpunkt Philippinen - Philippinen, das Archipel der kulturellen Vielfalt - Klänge, Geschichte, Religion, Kunst und Köstlichkeiten". 
Teilnehmer: ca. 30 Personen 

29. Sept 2017- 02. Okt. 2017, Essen
5th ENFiD European Conference and General Assembly
Strengthening Euro-Pinoys as agents of socio-economic and cultural change in Europe and the Philippines and empowerment of the Euro-Pinoy youth as development leaders within the mainstream Filipino communities in home and host countries.

Teilnehmer: ca. 120 Personen